New Netflix crime thriller series named the Spanish binge-version of Prison Break

(Photo via Netflix)

Prison Break fans are probably wondering why they need another Prison Break series as the popular hit series is making a big comeback. Last year season 5 was released and it has been confirmed that season 6 is in the works. However, we think we can also confirm that Prison Break isn’t what it used to be and sometimes it’s just best to leave things in the past. That’s where the 13-part Spanish series La Casa de Papel comes in. The Netflix series follows a group of criminals who imprison themselves for 11 days together with their hostages in the Fort Knox in Spain to steal 2.4 billion euros. A mysterious figure, El Profesor, manipulates the police to make their master plan work. Sounds good right? You aren’t the only one as season 2 has already been confirmed and will hit Netflix in April.

La Casa de Papel is now available on Netflix.

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