Netflix movies that’ll keep you accompanied during these last days

No Strings Attached

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Well, Christmas is over. And there are always two types of people: one is still singing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas. That is also the type that leaves its Christmas tree until February. And then you have the other one: who likes to store that mess and continue living. And we must admit very honestly that we are the second type of person. Do not get us wrong, we love Christmas. But by now we have seen every Christmas film and the Netflix offer is huge, so why stay stuck in something you can watch again next year?


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And then comes the period between Christmas and New Years Eve. How many days are in between anyways? What day is it again? It is those days where you actually forget everything and everyone. The perfect reason to lie comfortably in your bed and to ‘chill’ a bit. Now the holidays are also those days where you feel very happy, or where you are a bit of a Debbie Downer, because this year (and all years before) you did not sit at a table with your lover.

So what do you do between Christmas and New Years Eve? Right, you look for love yourself. There are a few things: your bed, a good bin of Ben & Jerry (or anything sweet) and not to forget your big love Netflix with a few good romantic comedies. YES! You never have enough of that?

Before We Go

Oh those delicious, cheesy, sweet, did we say cheesy, romcoms. Isn’t that all you want on such days? Here is Before We Go. The film is set in bustling New York. Here a woman rushes to Grand Central Station for the last train. On the way she is robbed. At the station she meets a man, with whom she builds a special bond in one night.

Home Again

If you see Reese Witherspoon on your screen, then you know that it is always good (although there will never be anything better than Legally Blonde). But humor is guaranteed. In this film Alice is divorced and decides to go back to Los Angeles with her two daughters. On her fortieth birthday, she meets three men who are looking for a place to stay. Alice tells them that they can live in her guest house, but it does not run smoothly when her ex suddenly gets back into the picture as well.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Can we call something a good old classic when a film is just ten years old? At least we think so, so in this case: a good old classic. What do you do when you are separated as a couple and you both decide to go on holiday, but end up at exactly the same destination. And your ex also has a new boyfriend.

Along Came Polly

From one classic to the other. When Reuben is on his honeymoon, he finds his wife cheating. Once he is home, he comes back into contact with former classmate Polly. Reuben calls her and tries to build a relationship with her. Only the life of Polly is not quite his lifestyle.

No Strings Attached

Every twenty to thirty something has probably been in this situation. Emma and Adam are best friends and have a perfect arrangement: a sexual relationship without any obligations. But is this really successful? Do the feelings remain and what happens when their relationship tastes more?

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