Netflix series and movies to look forward to in the month May

the society

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Finally, we’re here with a new list of the greatest Netflix series and movies for the month of May. Netflix kills it every time with content that keeps getting better and better. Really, we can’t live without it anymore. From The Society till The Great Gatsby, new and old series and movies which keep surprising us time after time. So you’re ready for new binge-watch-worthy month:

The Society (10th of May)

What do you do when you wake up one day and release all the adults in your village are gone. Who is going to make the rules, arrange everything and what do you do as a teenager? From freedom to total chaos and surviving. The trailer looks very promising.

Undercover (3th of May)

The serie with Tom Waes, from Belgian and Dutch producers. The serie tells the story about the ecstacy world and the people who dominate that world. Ferry Bouman, the boss, is followed by two undercover agents, they’re trying to ruin his imperium.

Lucifer: season 4 (8th of May)

The devil is tired of being the lord of hell and is moving to Los Angeles. He opens a nightclub over there and becomes friends with a detective. The series was first canceled, but after many angry fans put on the Netflix map again.

When they see us (31st of May)

Central park 5, het waargebeurde verhaal vertaald in een Netflix serie: vijf gekleurde jongeren uit Harlem werden in 1989 ten onrechte veroordeeld voor verkrachting. Gedurende 25 jaar vechten zij om hun naam te zuiveren.

The 100: Season 6 (7th of May)

After the very exciting fifth season we are 100 years further, they came to a new planet where there is life. From here it can go in any direction. Who or what is Wonkru going to find on this planet? Exciting!

The Last Summer (3th of May)

Teenagers in a school in Chicago are struggling with their dreams, relationships and identity during a summer full changes before they go to university. A movie with well known actors, like K.J. Apa.

Dumplin’ (3th of May)

A plus size teenage daughter from a former beauty queen is participating the Miss Teen contest, out of protest. Which turns out in a huge revolution. A great movie with Jennifer Anniston.

Wine Country (10th of May)

A movie which involves wine? Do we need to say more? No but, it also has a lot of famous actresses in it, which include Amy Poehler. They go on a trip to the famous vineyards of Napa, California. A feel good movie!

The Great Gatsby (18th of May)

The movie is telling the story of Nick Carraway, who is looking for the American dream in the roaring twenties. He gets caught up in the lifestyle of party animal and millionaires. Best part of this movie: Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Perfection (23 mei)

A very bizarre horror story which will catch your attention right away. Charlotte, a cellist, had to give up her dream because her mother was sick. When her mother dies she can do whatever she wants, but then she walks into an old familiar face, Lizzie.

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