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New year, new movies: the movies that hit the cinemas in January

Lets start with this first: Happy New Year! The new year has just started and we already have quite a few lists hanging on the refrigerator with what we want to reach in 2019. You know, a healthier lifestyle(perhaps vegan) and then combined with working out. Maybe a little less alcohol (ha, nice try, dry January). And so now the entire refrigerator is full of post-its.

Something we were very proud of in 2018? That we have used our Pathe Unlimited to the max and have seen quite a few films. And in 2019 we intend to do the same, by going to at least five films a month. Especially during the winter this should be fine. So we immediately had a look at what January has to offer for us.

Welcome to Marwen (January 10)

Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) is beaten up by five men. Because of this he leads to amnesia and he is quite traumatized. Fortunately, he finds a therapeutic way to help him through his recovery process. He builds his own miniature city with dolls that lead a life of their own.

Creed II (January 10)

Confession: we have seen the first part 4 times in the cinema (come on, it’s Michael B. Jordan) and intend to do this again with part two. Michael B. Jordan is back in the ring as Adonis Creed. This time he has to prepare himself for opponent Viktor Drago, no stranger to the family.

Ben is Back (January 10)

The son of Holly Burns (Julia Roberts) has been to rehab and can go home on Christmas Eve. Only Holly finds out that her son lives a dangerous life, which ensures that she has to intervene in the next 24 hours.

The House That Jack Built (January 10)

And then one of our favorite genres: thriller. And this is for the real crazy ones among us. This story takes place in the 70s over a period of 12 years and is about the intelligent Jack. Here we follow his murders that define him as a serial killer.

Nobody’s Fool (January 17)

Who remembers Tiffany Haddish in the movie Girls Trip? She’s back! We follow the two sisters Tanya and Danica. They are each other’s opposites and because of this their personalities collide. Yet Tanya finds out that that ‘perfect’ life that Danica leads, is not so perfect after all.

Instant Family (January 31)

By means of adoption, Ellie and Pete start a family. And they do not adopt one but three children. And that is not always easy. A lovely feel good movie that you do not have to think about, bend over and enjoy your popcorn.

Green Book (January 31)

For us this is a case of save the best for last. In this film we follow the story of bouncer Tony, who loses his job, when the club he works for must close. He then decides to become the driver of a talented pianist. Two completely different personalities, who build up a great bond with each other along the way.

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