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On top of the W Amsterdam hotel you’ll find the best view of the city

(Photos via W Amsterdam)

The award for the biggest street transformation of Amsterdam this year most definitely should go to the Spuistraat. A few years ago, this street was home for the junkies and squatters. Nowadays, however, it’s one of the fastest-changing streets in the city. While some alternative entertainment options already were located here, such as Rush Hour for some electro and Bitterzoet for some R&B vibes, its latest addition changes everything: W Amsterdam hotel with a must-visit rooftop bar.

We were lucky enough to get a peek inside the most beautiful suites at the hotel but now it appears that there’s no need to book one of those if you just want to admire the beauty called Amsterdam. Because on top of the hotel you’ll find the WET DECK. Even though this sky high hotel bar could easily be located in a fancy New York- or London-based hotel there’s no need to feel excluded here. You can easily enter the bar by taking the elevator to the top. Nice and easy.

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While the hotel’s suites already have a stunning view, this bar tops that by providing a 360 degrees view of the stunning city. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this place gives you a whole new view of Amsterdam. In particular, because it’s located right in the city centre (behind the Dam), which is usually a place you want to avoid due to the many tourists gathering. This bar, however, gives you the opportunity to admire the centre from high in the sky while sipping on some cocktail (the best). Plus, the WET DECK literally is a wet deck since there’s a swimming pool located on the top. Unfortunately, the Dutch weather probably won’t provide a lot of opportunities to try out that one but it sure looks pretty.

Additionally, we have absolutely nothing to complain about the drink- and snack-menu at WET DECK. All in all, this is just a the perfect place for some drinks without the down-to-earth Dutch vibes. Here you really can go out of the box with your outfit, wear some nice heels without feeling too pressured to look good (it’s still Amsterdam). So bring your date, friends or family for a night out in a place that hardly feels Dutch until you step outside and fall in love with the city all over again.

W Hotel Amsterdam
Spuistraat 175
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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