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One of the best restaurants in America is hidden away in Disney World

(Photos via Hutterstock/James Kirkikis/Katherine Welles/Tiffins Restaurant)

For film-lovers, there are the Oscars, for fashion-lovers, Fashion Week and for food-lovers, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Every year the gastronomic awards are given to the best restaurants in the world. Eleven Madison Park in New York topped the list closely followed by a more unusual place: Tiffins in Disney World. Do fairytales really come true?

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Disney World is already a must-visit but this restaurant makes it even more attractive. Unlike the rest of Disney, at Tiffin you don’t get fooled with fairytales. Tiffin serves African, Asian and American dishes, all sources locally and sustainable by chef David Njoroge. So if you somehow happen to be wondering around Disney World, you need to visit this place. Or you could visit Disney because of this place. Either way, a must-visit.

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