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People are cutting up soap for fun and the Internet is loving it

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Shocker, you might have been using soap for the wrong purpose your whole life. Who needs to shower, right? Why not just cut it all up..?  Soap-cutting is the latest bizarre Internet trend following the ongoing trend of cutting things up, from destroying make-up to the weird slime craze. Soap-cutting is all over the Internet at the moment and before you start protesting about this useless hobby, take a look because you might be amazed.

It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea but cutting up soap can look pretty mesmerizing. Apparently, there’s a complete fanbase attached to the new trend as there are loads of Instagram and YouTube accounts dedicated to the trend. The Guardian decided to dig deeper into the fun behind the trend and found out that there’s actually a scientific reason behind all this madness. You can read more about that on their website and in the meantime, let’s cut up some soap! Before you start panicking about waste, the soap cutters assure that they all re-use the cut-up soap. We can die in peace now.

I am obsessed are you? (Full video link in bio)

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