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Photographer proves it’s not about the location and sparks ‘Ugly Location Challenge’

(Photo by Jenna Martin Photography)

Some days you’re just wearing a smashing outfit and kind of need to share it on social media for the ultimate #ootd. The only thing stopping you is the lack of a good spot to shoot. Forget about the location because it’s all about the photographing skills. 22-year-old photographer Kelsey Maggert just proved that after decided to take this assumption to the test. Together with her camera and a good friend, she headed to the local hobby lobby store for the ultimate photoshoot.

Kelsey shared her photos on social media and before she knew it the ‘Ugly Location Challenge‘ was born. Now photographers all over the country are taking their equipment to supermarkets, parking lots and other ‘ugly locations’ to shoot. Sorry photographers but bad weather, a boring location or no money for models is no longer a legit excuse. Editing skills, however, might be necessary. We’re curious to see how long it will take before Hobby Lobby will turn into a professional studio.

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