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Hidden away in Amsterdam you can find the best Caribbean restaurant

Plato Loco Amsterdam

In Amsterdam’s iconic neighbourhood the Jordaan, hidden away in the Frederik Hendrikbuurt you can find our favourite restaurant. We know this isn’t the first time we announce something as ‘our favourite restaurant’ but Amsterdam is just filled with hotspots so we have enough to explore. A few of our friends recommended this amazing restaurant before, a relaxed setting with delicious Caribbean food. Caribbean?! Yep, that’s right, no hamburgers and fries or pasta at Plato Loco.

Plato Loco Amsterdam


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We’ve got to admit that we’re not all that familiar with this exotic cuisine and simply expected everything to be served with some rum and palm trees on the side but to our surprise, it was very different in a positive sense! Before we managed to get a table inside we enjoyed a beer in the sun on Plato Loco’s perfect terrace, which is always a pleasant surprise in rainy Amsterdam! Once inside you immediately feel at home, this has to do with the friendly service and the warm interior. No need to worry about a theme restaurant here because everything is arranged in perfect style.

Plato Loco Amsterdam

Plato Loco, a Jamaican food dream

As starters, we shared a plateau for two (don’t forget about dessert!), which consisted of amazing mini empanadas, jerk chicken and cod croquettes that we can only still dream of.

Since this was our first visit to Plato Loco, we had to try the already legendary dish Jamaican Jerk Chicken and oh boy it was good. This piece of chicken has been bathing in special seasonings for 24 hours and you can taste this. Just one look at this piece of meat and it spontaneously falls off the bone, so tender without being dry. Our buddy was in a hot hot hot mood and skipped chicken but decided to go for a Jamaican curry after the waiter told him it’s a pretty spicy dish. And spicy it certainly was. Fortunately, Plato Loco has a wide variety of wine, which is the perfect way to cool down some heat.




There are only a number of restaurants that make you look at your eating buddy in disbelieve when the main dish arrives because of how good it is. Well, that’s exactly what happened here. Plus, it’s also perfect date material!

We tried to keep dessert in mind when ordering our main dish but this wasn’t necessary because we were already stuffed when we decided to go for coffee and Whiskey. We were recommended the amazing rum (a must in a Caribean restaurant!), which is also advised for Whiskey lovers. Well, skip the Whiskey, we don’t want anything else! We’re not sure what it was but we do know it didn’t just end after one glass.

Plato Loco Amsterdam

We highly recommend Plato Loco as a big addition to Amsterdam’s vibrant food scene. It might be hidden away in a neighbourhood you don’t necessarily need to visit but that makes it even more fun! A Carribean adventure. The menu changes every two weeks (except for the iconic jerk chicken, which won’t go anywhere, don’t worry!). So check their Facebook for the current menu.

Plato Loco (open Wednesday until Sunday)
Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 29

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