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Pregnant Chrissy Teigen finds hilarious way to get around Instagram’s nudity policy

(Screenshot via Instagram @chrissyteigen)

Instagram is made to share everyday activities and John Legend’s pregnant wife Chrissy Teigen loves to take her followers with her on her journey. In contrast to other celebrities, she tries to do this as real-life as possible on social media. From groceries shopping to overeating, the mommy to be isn’t afraid to show her ‘real’ self:

Girls weekend – Quaker Hill, NY – 2018

Een bericht gedeeld door chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) op

Sometimes, however, Instagram’s strict policies get in the way of sharing these everyday activities. For example, when you’re casually on the phone or reading tabloids while only wearing a thong, or is that just something Kim K does? Or you’re doing some nude salad-making, in Chrissy’s case. These celebrities, however, don’t take no for an answer and pregnant Chrissy found a hilarious way to get around Instagram’s nudity policy. The caption just says it all:

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