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Europe’s first air hockey club opens in Amsterdam

From the moment game hall/bar/restaurant, the TonTon Club opened in Amsterdam, no weekend has been the same. This is the ultimate hotspot where you can enjoy drinks and food while challenging your friends through old school games. Even though we don’t like to pick sides, we’ve got to admit that we have one particular favourite, air hockey, closely followed by the hysteria of a round of Dance Dance Revolution. Sounds familiar? We’ve got good news! After having opened two locations in Amsterdam, it’s time for a new club – PUCK – filled with nothing but air hockey tables! Can you already hear the swooshing sound of your puck marking your victory? PUCK is filled with 15 (!!) air hockey tables so you won’t have to scare people away with an awkward stare-off because there will always be a place available where you can show off your skills.

PUCK is the most recent hotspot addition of the founders of Amsterdam’s creative playground, the TonTon Club. Within the iconic arcade halls of the TonTon Club, the air hockey table has been a prominent factor and by far the most popular one. Therefore, the founders decided to give their air hockey tables its own spotlight at PUCK. A new hotspot in west Amsterdam, where you can drink, eat and play games every day of the week. The founders describe it as a valhalla for air hockey and an explosion of light and sound, which can best be compared to the neon-screaming shows of Tokyo.

Besides the traditional air hockey tables, you can also find a few more unique editions at PUCK, such as the Crazy Lab air hockey tables, where you play in pairs and about 50 pucks are used during one game. There are also four Fast Track air hockey tables where you play in double the speed. Even if air hockey isn’t your favourite game, there’s enough to do. You’ll also find pinball machines, the iconic Dance Dance Revolution and a Guitar Hero room. Apart from all the games there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy dinner. See you there! At least if you don’t mind getting your ass kicked…

Jan Evertsenstraat 747
1061 XZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
T: 06 48346661

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