Queen Elizabeth makes surprise London Fashion Week front row debut

(Photo via Shutterstock/Shaun Jeffers)

For those who think that Queen Elizabeth II spends her days sipping tea and looking rather miserable, we’ve got proof that this isn’t the case. At least not during London Fashion Week. Last night the 91-year-old Queen of England made a surprise appearance at London Fashion Week, joining the ‘Queen’ of fashion, Anna Wintour, front row. Together they silently judged outfits, looked fabulous and even shared a few smiles.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t just attend fashion week to gather some inspiration for her upcoming outfits, she had some ‘royal’ duties to perform. She awarded upcoming British designer Richard Quinn with the Award for British Design. Quinn couldn’t hide his excitement and revealed he actually took inspiration from the Queen for his new collection: “We only found out a few days ago, so we added in a few Queen touches with the headscarves and the scarf patterns. We were already planning a few scarves but we really hammed it up. She said that she was pleased that the award would support young designers…. I think she’s definitely a fashion icon.” There you have it, fashion literally rules the world.

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