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Amsterdam has one of the most beautiful city beaches in Europe

Roest Amsterdam

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Of Europe?! Yes, that’s right because the one and only British newspaper The Guardian has officially named Amsterdam’s city beach Roest as one of the most beautiful city beaches in Europe. Among other winners are city beaches in Berlin, Paris and London but Amsterdam’s has some special features as the Guardian describes:

“The coolest of the city’s urban beaches is perhaps Amsterdam Roest; a post-industrial space in the east of the centre, with a sandy beach, dotted with art made from recycled junk.”


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Roest Amsterdam

As fellow Roest lovers, we’re more than happy to find out that our ‘urban beach’ is the most beautiful in Europe. Amsterdam’s more spacious beach of Blijburg, located just outside of town on the artificial island of Ijburg, is also highlighted by The Guardian, where all summer long fun festivals are hosted. So why not take a day off and head to Roest’s city beach? Just take your bike instead of the train to Zandvoort. And make sure to check out the complete top-10 city beaches in Europe. Just don’t wait too long to visit Roest because it’s unfortunately their last summer since the council has announced that the area is going to be restructured. Roest will stay but its industrial beach will have to leave… But this does mean that there is even more reason to enjoy this hidden gem before it’s too late!

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