Shy overweight guy turns into a supermodel after growing a beard and losing weight

(Screenshot via Instagram @gwilymcpugh)

We don’t know what your thoughts are on beards or if you even have any thoughts on beards but either way, this story is going to change the way you look at them for good. We’ve shared many transformations on our blog but none have been merely the result of growing a beard. Meet Gwilym Pugh, a 21-year-old entrepreneur who used to spend his days working for 12 hours straight from behind a desk, resulting in him gaining a lot of weight, 280 pounds to be exact. Until his barber advised him to grow a beard. That was the start of a life-changing career.

Gwilym took this moment to turn his life around. Growing a beard, changing his diet and the best choice of all; quitting his job. He used his spare time to work out and soon lost over 90 pounds. He documented his journey on Instagram and when a Welsh tailor Nathan Palmer found out about this, Gwilym’s life changed forever. He is now a model with campaigns for Vans, Diesel and recently even David Beckham’s new grooming brand House 99. Anything is possible, guys.

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