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South Korea’s Penis Park is the surprise hotspot of the Winter Olympics

Even though it must be an unforgettable experience to be present at the 2018 Winter Olympic in PyeongChang, there must come a time when boredom hits. When you’ve had enough of the indoor cold, national anthems and gold medals. We can understand that this means that it might be time for the only penis park in the world: Haesindang. That’s certainly something different than a bunch of fit sports people showing off with their medals.

We might not sound surprised about this phenomenon as we’ve dedicated a complete blog post to this unusual ‘hotspot’ before. People from all over the world, however, are more than impressed by the fun park and share their experiences on social media. Unfortunately, the story behind the Penis Park is pretty tragic, which starts with the death of a young woman. After a young (virgin) bride drowned in the sea, fishermen suddenly weren’t able to catch any fish anymore. Until – here comes the penis story – a fisherman ejaculated into the water and all the fish came back. The power of the penis. To stop other fishermen from doing the same thing the Penis Park was created as an offering to the sea. No, we haven’t made up this insane story, you can find the official source online.

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