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Stay of the week | Spend the night inside a tiger enclosure

(Photos via Port Lympne’s Tiger Lodge)

From the moment, we came across this Bird’s Nest hotel in Kenya we can’t stop thinking about going on a safari. If you feel the same way but you’re not prepared yet to make the big step there’s another way to admire the gorgeous wildlife without even having to cross the border. A tiger enclosure in Kent has opened a hotel room inside their tiger enclosure so you can admire the gorgeous animals from up close with only a glass window separating the two.

At Port Lympne’s Tiger Lodge you can admire tigers from your hotel room’s spacious living room thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. This is pretty unique already but the hotel room also consists of the most amazing interior, which makes it feel even more like you’re in Africa and not the UK. However, the magic doesn’t end just there. After opening hours you can wander through the park with a golf buggy and a map to explore the place even better (no worries, the beautiful animals are safely locked up). You can end your late night adventures at the park’s delicious Italian restaurant Babydoll’s, which is also decorated with some amazing safari style too.


For £950 a night you can spend the night at the Tiger Lodge with four people. This money is used to support the Aspinall Foundation, which focuses on reintroducing animals back into the wild and protecting endangered species around the world. The best way to spend the night at a unique place while helping the beautiful world and its animals.

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