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Stay of the week: Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam

Crane Hotel

Photo: Airbnb

A crane, you all know and seen it. That gigantic thing that’s about 40 meters high (or even higher), that absolutely ruins your perfect Amsterdam rooftop view. Nine out of the ten times, when we think of a crane, we think about the surroundings that it’s in most of the times. Most of the times it’s a spot where something is being demolished or rebuilt. If you think a crane its only job is lifting, lowering and moving goods, you’re so wrong.

The Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam is located at the popular NDSM. What looks like a simple, red crane from the outside, the inside is a luxurious five-star hotel, and they’ve worked hard on it for the past years.

Crane Hotel

Photo: Airbnb

The development was a multimillion- devouring project. The monumental landmark is famous due to the tremendous and expensive restoration project, the contemporary design and the amazing construction. The crane still turns in the wind. The production cost per suite are by far the highest in the Netherlands.

A place where the rich and famous love to show their faces. The most recognized brands and the best DJ’s in the world discovered the crane for their events, brand-activations, boardroom, festivals, (management) training, product presentations, streaming and audience reach. After a good party it is possible to sleep in one of the three rooms. The Split-Level Suite on 35 meters starts at €550 per night, followed by the Split-Level Suite on 45 meters for €620 per night and last but not least: The Split-Level Suite on 40 meters for €920 per night. So, you better start saving.

If you haven’t spent enough money yet and would like to spend some more, have a delicious Prosecco breakfast in bed, or have a moment for yourself in the hot tub on the rooftop. But to top it all off, it is also possible to book a helicopter flight from Schiphol Airport to the Crane Hotel for €1500. This includes a sightseeing of Marken, Volendam, Zaandijk, Amsterdam and Central Station. Want to have some real fun with your friends? Book all the three suites at the same time at Airbnb for €4500.

NDSM-plein 78 | website
T: +31(0)207606161

Crane Hotel Amsterdam

Photos: Airbnb

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