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Tour bus

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At Colourful Rebel we love a bit of variety. You can find a treehouse in Capetown on our blog, but also a crane in Amsterdam or a house on a private island. This week we choose a tour bus in Nashville.

If you would ask your younger self what you want to become when you grow up, you’d probably say: famous. It was everyone’s dream. To be able to sing like Beyoncé, come on, who doesn’t want that? Or even better: being in a band with your best friends, touring around and performing at great places. Part of this dream can now be fulfilled by staying on this tour bus in Nashville. Unfortunately, you can’t drive the bus and it’s located at the owners backyard. Take 5 of your best friends and you only have to pay €22 per night. Don’t expect a 5 star hotel for this price. It’s a cozy bus. But everything to make your dreams come true, right? Who knows, you might be discovered in Nashville the Music City.

Tour bus Tour bus
Tour bus Tour bus Tour bus

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