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Stay Of The Week | Villa Blanca

Villa Blanca

Photos: Airbnb

Not so long ago we wrote about our favourite 00’s tv show MTV Cribs. And why it was our favourite? Because everyone wants to see the inside of all the mansions they live in. How luxurious will it be? Now that we have made our own version of Airbnb Cribs, we have chosen a very special one this time. It’s so special, that it gets its own place on our blog. Not in one of our lists, where he has to share his shine with others. No, today in the stay of the week we have Villa Blanca in South Beach Miami.

Villa Blanca

It’s the typical, white Miami estate. And we think it is beau-ti-ful. It sits on a 30.000 square feet lot and has ten bedrooms. Don’t think that’s enough? Just look at the photos and you know it’s everything you want. The price of this estate? €8,586.60.

Villa Blanca Villa Blanca Villa Blanca Villa Blanca Villa Blanca

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