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Stay of the week | Bridge operator cabins turned luxury hotel rooms in Amsterdam

(Photos via the Sweets Hotel)

As you probably know Amsterdam is filled with canals and canals are filled with water. Therefore, Amsterdam counts many bridges but also loads of boats. Not a good combo as you can imagine. As a result, most of Amsterdam’s bridges come with bridge operator cabins, where usually someone would be seated to operate the bridge for boats to pass. Since we live in the year 2018 and even selfie drones exist, these cabins aren’t necessary anymore. What we do need are more cool hotel rooms. So one plus one equals the ultimate hotel room cabins!

The cabins-turned-hotel are part of a project by the Lloyd Hotel (where you can also spend the night in a very arty hotel room if cabins aren’t really your thing). In total, 28 cabins across the city will be transformed into hotel rooms and together they’ll form the one-of-a-kind Sweets Hotel. At the moment, just 6 cabins are available but in March 2018 the official opening of the hotel takes place. One cabin consists of one tiny bedroom, which accommodates two people for €250 a night. A lot of money but the cabins are all located right in the city centre of Amsterdam without any moaning neighbours.

More information | The Sweets Hotel

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