The perfect winter city trip for lovers and foodies: Stockholm

If you would tell a Scandinavian resident that you can’t take the freezing winter temperatures in your country any longer, they will probably laugh in your face. We’re not trying to illustrate how unfriendly they are (the contrary is true in fact!) but they do know how cold real winter can be. If you are ready to experience some real winter beauty then Stockholm is where you need to be. Our travel reporter Pasqualle can confirm this as she just got back from a long weekend in the Northern city and is more than happy to share her hotspots. Got your notebook ready?

Downtown Camper Hotel

During our weekend getaway in beautiful Stockholm, we slept in the Downtown Camper Hotel by Scandic in the heart of the city centre. Just a 5-minute walk from Central Station. The centre of a city doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the place to be for trendy vegan hotpots and coffee shops but trust us, this hotel has literally everything.

The beds are amazing, the interior is young, urban and photogenetic. Also not unimportant. The service is friendly and besides just staying the night, the hotel also organises loads of fun activities. Plus, there’s a cinema. Do we need to say more? Our experience is that hotel restaurants don’t tend to be amazing but this hotel proved us completely wrong. We tried the stuffed tacos with tuna, steak and fish-dish served in a wok pan. We’ll let the photos do the talking.

Trendy neighbourhood Södermalm

If you’re looking for a trendy neighbourhood, Södermalm is the place to be. We stayed in the Hellstens Glashus Hotel close to Mariatorget.

Overeating without feeling guilty: organic fast food

This hotel is literally surrounded by hotspots. Hotspot overload! We had lunch at Kalf & Hansen, best known for their ‘Organic Fastfood’ and that’s exactly what we got. Healthy, good food and all for an affordable price. Not such a big fan of (organic) fast food? Try Vigårda, here you’ll find affordable burgers, hip-hop sounds in the background and a selection of craft beers. This must be the dream of every man. We guess.

(Foto: Tower Mag)

Leave the Urban Deli behind and go straight ahead

Before we headed to Stockholm we did a bit of research and scrolled through numerous travel blogs looking for the best hotspots. A reoccurring place was Urban Deli. Disclaimer: we didn’t go there. Appeared to be a bit more of an overrated ‘organic marketplace’ than what we were coming for but on the other side of the street, we found a hotspot that completely made up for it: Café Gildas Rum. Extremely cosy and gives you instant living room vibes with a counter filled with cake. Oommggg. So instead of going to the Urban Deli, we highly recommend going straight here.

(Cafe Gildas Rum)

Vintage shopping in Södermalm

This is the best place to stroll around looking for unique gifts (for others or yourself, of course). We found a few amazing coffee table books at Konst-ig and a woolen vest, which we haven’t managed to take off from that moment onwards, at Grandpa. For vintage shopping, Södermalm really is the best place with vintage shops on every corner. If you’re ready to spend some cash, you can find Acne Studios here too.

Lunch with the best view of Stockholm

In for more cultural activities? Make sure to visit the Fotografiska Museum along the river, drink coffee on the top floor (amazing view) and have lunch at Hermans with the best view of Stockholm! Stockholm loves buffets and at Hermans, there are more than enough (healthy) choices.

With Stockholm’s short days and long nights, it’s never too early for dinner. Make sure to try a real Swedish buffet dinner, which we did at Oaxen Krog Slip. However, try spreading your appetite by eating small pieces of every meal instead of stuffing yourself with the first dish (guilty). And don’t forget to try the amazing wine. The perfect end of a busy day.

Take the underground – even if it’s just to check out the stations

Even though Stockholm isn’t a big city, we highly recommend you taking the underground. Even though the city only counts three underground lines (blue, green and red), it’s mostly the stations that are worth the visit. Since 1995, Stockholm, has been busy transforming all stations into one big art project. All you need to do to admire them is to buy a metro ticket. One of the most impressive sights must be station Solna Centrum, where the escalators move you through a giant red cave:

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