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Amsterdam street art bar/restaurant De Bajes offers more than just the ultimate food experience

For tourists, Amsterdam’s Rembrandt square has been a hotspot for years but locals tend to bike past the crowded area filled with pubs and nightclubs as much as possible. However, times have changed and we blame new hotspot De Bajes for that positive change. Even though, ‘bajes’ literally means ‘prison’ in the Dutch spoken language you won’t find any similarities between the two places. We actually felt free as a bird at this place. Unless you decide to stuff yourself with as much food as we did, then you might won’t be able to move anymore. But it will be worth it, trust us.

Street art and first date material

We’ve shared our experience with De Bajes before but we were back and we’ve got some more news to share. First of all, we would like to stress the beauty of the openness of the bar/restaurant. This isn’t just due to the high ceilings and open floors but also because the place has decided to give everyone his/her space and privacy by keeping a decent amount of space between the bar, the dining tables and the lounge area. You would expect this to lead to a very cold and open space but De Bajes has found the perfect solution for that: street art. Another problem you would expect to occur in such an open space would be the resounding acoustics but also no need to worry about that. You can hear everything your dinner date has to say without spoiling your neighbours with juicy details.

Adventurous meals

Enough chit-chat about the awesome location – sorry we got a bit distracted – because it’s all about the food. One thing that became immediately clear after receiving our first dish was the adventurous take on food. Every dish looks ánd tastes perfect with a certain twist. For example, we started off with ‘crispy spinach’ and ceviche with salmon. Might not sound just as ‘adventurous’ but it sure did taste like it. The black Angus steak and tuna steak as the main dishes are just perfect with an outstanding side dish of watermelon and feta with fries. Nevertheless, the real party starts at dessert because De Bajes serves Tony’s Pink Brûlée and yes, that means pink brûlée. Plus, it even sizzles on your tongue and contains Amsterdam’s homemade Tony Chocolonely chocolate (a must try). Simply the best.

We believe De Bajes is going to be a big game changer in the neighbourhood. It offers the perfect place to have a drink, relax or go on a date while enjoying some not-your-typical-but-oh-so-good-food. Plus, on Friday- and Saturday-evening a DJ turns the place into a real party so enough occasions to choose from.

De Bajes
Utrechtsestraat 11


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