Surprising details La Casa de Papel season 3 leaked

Netflix La casa de papel

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The big surprise of last year: The Spanish Netflix hit, La casa de Papel. When we discovered the serie there were already two seasons online. So we had a lot of binge-watching to do. And we can tell you, it is a very addictive one. The storyline fits perfect, and every episode there’s a new surprise. Throughout the whole first two seasons, you keep asking yourself how they could escape from the bank, and with every episode the tension gets higher and higher, because they don’t know when the police kicks in.




SPOILER ALERT: At the end of season 2 you know that they could escape, even if there die a few main characters. The annoying, and lovely at the same time, Berlin, was shot. And for everyone who watched it, it was a big shock. But it looks like Berlin is totally back in season 3, say what?



It’s not clear whether Berlin (played by the one and only Pedro Alonso), comes back alive or if it’s just a flashback. Of Course, we hope he is still alive, because Casa de Papel wouldn’t be the same without him. There leaked some details about the plot of the season, straight from the Spanish website eCartelera. In the third season they have a new target, gold bullion in the bank. Little problem: They lay meters behind the ground and when someone tries to break in the room fills up with water. But El Professor will obviously solve all those problems.

Netflix didn’t released yet what the airdate of season 3 will be, but it should be in 2019. We will keep you up to date, as always!

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