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Cheese Tea: tea with a layer of cheese is surprisingly popular at the moment

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As full-time cheese-lovers, we truly believe that cheese can be the perfect match for about anything in the world. Unfortunately, now that we’ve read about Cheese Tea we’re questioning our own faith in the ultimate cheese dream. But as we don’t give up this easy, we’re willing to find out more about this cheesy drink. Are you ready?

Cheese Tea‘ is made by adding a layer of melted cheese on top of a cold cup of tea. To make it a bit more appealing, you can choose between different types of tea flavours, such as, chocolate, peach, matcha or jasmine tea, which you then combine with a layer of cheese. The idea behind cheese tea is to even out the bitter taste of tea by creating a kind of milkshake. A cheese-tea-milkshake. Interesting.

Even though we’ve only just found out about this trend, it has been around for a while. Seven years ago it was introduced in Taiwan and soon spread throughout Asia. Now it’s ready to take over the US with Cheese Tea shops in New York and Los Angeles. All thanks to the man behind HeyTea, who after waiting for in line for two hours, decided to create his own brand. Five years ago he opened his first Cheese Tea shop and now surprisingly, owns nearly 70 shops in 12 cities, where he sells around 2500 cups of cheese teas a day. Cheesy much?

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