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Thanks to the best Netflix movies of the year you won’t leave your house this weekend

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This year is slowly coming to an end. And what a year it was. We had an amazing Colourful Rebel Sample Sale. Dropped the best looks on our webshop. But we also had an incredibly hot summer, where we had the chance to try out the best terraces of all time. But do not forget the avocado-hype or the unicorn sprinkler (or anything unicorn). 2018 was a crazy year.

But what we really enjoyed this year and can’t be missed is our favourite streaming service called Netflix. Every month Netflix surprised us with the latest series and shows. We recently made a list of the 11-best series, so you’ll never get bored. Now you can never have enough Netflix, so we put together the best film releases of every month for you.

January: The Good Lie

We immediately start the year with an incredible story. A true story. The Good Lie is about four Sudanese refugees who move to the United States. Here they develop a special friendship with their social worker.

February: When We First Met

But after such a serious (and beautiful) story, it is time for something light and less realistic. Noah has met the girl of his dreams, but unfortunately, he ends up in the friendzone (auch, we’ve all been there). He keeps wondering what went wrong. When the opportunity unexpectedly arises to rewind the time, he keeps repeating this night, until she also falls for him.

March: Woman in Gold

Not only does this film have a gigantic strong story, but hottie Ryan Reynolds is also starring in this movie. Exactly, a reason to watch this movie. It is about Maria Altmann who, with the help of a lawyer, takes legal action against the Austrian government. The paintings that they have were stolen from the house of her family during the Second World War.

April: Kick-Ass

For the necessary action and humor in April, the film Kick-Ass is up next. In Kick-Ass it’s about Dave, who is the loser of his high school. He has no friends and is also a huge fan of comic books. That’s why he decides that he wants to become a superhero. As a superhero, he decides to fight the real criminals.

May: Spotlight

And if you have had the humor of April, then you go back to a classic. A super good story that everyone was talking about after seeing this movie. The film Spotlight is about the true story of the ‘spotlight’ team of the Boston Globe newspaper. They are a research unit of a newspaper in the United States and revealed a large-scale scandal of child abuse in the Catholic Church.

June: Brain on Fire

If we are talking about well-known newspapers, we will continue to explore this genre. And this time it’s about the story of Susannah Calahan. A journalist at the New York Post. She leads the perfect life. Until it suddenly collapses. She suffers from serious health problems, which are getting worse. In the following weeks her condition worsens, and the doctors tell her she has catatonia. Will Susannah ever get better? Or will she always suffer from a psychiatric illness?

July: Flight

Here at Colorful Rebel we have a weakness for films with a plane in the leading role. Or Denzel Washington. If you combine these two, you have the film Flight. This is about the pilot Whip Whitaker who knows how to land a crashing plane and is the hero of the century. However, that is soon gone, when the tests show that there was alcohol in his blood during this flight. His life as a hero has changed in that of someone who may end up in jail for life.

August: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

We repeat: Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds as a bodyguard. Why would you not look at this? In The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Michael Bryce loses his status as top bodyguard when one of his clients is killed in front of his eyes. To win back this status, he has to work with a new client: his archrival, the notorious killer Kincaid. And this is not too easy for him.

September: Kidnap

It is a parent’s biggest nightmare. To lose your child in any kind of way. And as a parent you will do everything to get your child back. This is exactly what beauty Halle Berry shows in the movie Kidnap. When Karla and her son Frankie go to the park together, Frankie is kidnapped. She sees him being pulled into a car and decides to follow the kidnappers.

October: 22 July

If you thought you had seen everything, Netflix will surprise you with a tough Netflix Original. In this true story we follow the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack on 22 July 2011 in Norway. The film shows you the story from the eyes of the victims, especially those of a surviving teenager to show how the country sought recovery and reconciliation.

November: The Princess Switch

Oh yes, November it is. The month Netflix dropped four Christmas movies. And this one was our favourite, for sure. The ordinary Stacy swaps places with the life of the Duchess of Montenaro, Margeret. But what if Margaret falls in love with a colleague of Stacy and Stacy falls in love with the fiancée of Margaret?

December: Mowgli

We’ll let you wait for just a few more days. December is around the corner and so is the last movie. This means you can’t binge all 12 movies right away, but you have to wait a little bit for the last movie. And maybe we saved the best for last: Mowgli. The only real Disney classic. Based on the story of The Jungle Book, it is about Mowgli who grows up in the jungle of India. He is brought up by Baloo the bear and the Panther Bagheera and they teach him how to deal with the animals around him. Yet he also has to accept that he is a human being.

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