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The 10 best destinations to go on a perfect vacation this year

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Did you already started planning your trip for the summer, but you don’t really know where to go? We provide you with a list of the hottest places of 2019. The places all over the world that are hot and happening. Because ‘Ibiza’ and ‘Mykonos’ do not need to be the places to be this summer (you have to admit, that’s so overrated). We found some lovely places for you, where you can enjoy a peaceful vacation and have a break from reality. But not only an oasis of peace and calmness. But also some adventure, some cities and a little party, enough options! We have to admit that after seeing all those destinations it’s even harder to choose. We also don’t know where to go, but every single location is on our bucket list for sure!

Bodrum, Turkey

Sun overloaded hotspot: oh yes! The Aegean sea of Turkey is the place to be. A turkish hammam, booming beach clubs and very fancy hotels. A destination where you live outside and don’t want to go inside anymore.

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is never a bad idea right? A very relaxed atmosphere, a rich culture, the food and the nightlife, all worth it. The options in this city are endless (and who knows you’re right on time for carnival).

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Champagne, France

For the lover who is looking for a new way to discover the north-eastern champagne region of France, the boat is a perfect option. Private vineyards, sunbathing on a ship, bike trips and excellent french cuisine. That’s what you’ll find in Champagne.

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Windhoek, Namibia

The southwest of Namibia is the favorite location of the African continent for 2019. Namibia is booming and busy recently, with boutique hotels opening in the whole country and in the dunes. A beautiful country (where you might be going on vacay!).

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Sulivan County, New York, USA

Time to discover the other side of New York, rent a car and drive 2 hours to the north. There you can find rest and peace in the beautiful nature, away from the city! A lot of authentic restaurants, cosy inns and a lot of outdoor activities like walking, kayaking and horseback riding for the real adventurers.  

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Basilicata, Italy

Basilicata maybe doesn’t sound familiar, but it’s located between Puglia and Calabria, and this year it’s the cultural capital of Europe. A historical old city, old caves and beautiful beaches. And oh the best part: pizza!

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Copenhagen, Denmark

The city of the newest fashion and trends, best hotspots and the cool Scandinavian way of living. This one is for sure on our must do travel list. Also, the interior designs in lots of hotels and restaurants are amazing. The best thing, you can do everything by bike!

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Placencia, Belize

Belize is located at the eastern coast of central america, it’s not that famous, but that’s about to change. In Belize you can find the second biggest coral reef in the world. A brand new airstrip and lots boutique hotels. The beautiful fishing village is easier to access. And has so many options: the jungle, the sea, the Maya ruins but also the wild animals.

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Andaman Islands, India

De Andaman Islands is an island group which is located in the Indian ocean, that form the separation between the Gulf of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Yes, this is still fairly unknown and you will certainly not meet your neighbor over there. The white beaches are known as one of the most beautiful in the world.

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Flores, Indonesia

Move over Bali, Flores is the place to be! We speak out of our own experiences when we say that this is the most beautiful country in the world. No tourists, very hospitable and lots of things to do. You can swim with Mantas, climb the Kelimutu, swim in hot springs, go to pink beach and eat a lot of noodles and rice. When you fly from Bali you are there in no time by plane. And believe us: it’s worth it!

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