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The 10 most amazing castles you can rent on Airbnb for a royal mini-break

Castle countryside

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Has the royal wedding inspired you to follow your childhood princess dreams but is getting Prince Harry’s handsome (and single) cousin‘s attention not working out just yet? Then it’s time for your own royal party! As we’ve shared before, Airbnb is one of our favourite ways to find a unique home away from home. From treehouses and floats to castles. Yes, castles! You can rent one to celebrate a unique event or just gather a bunch of friends to organize a weekend getaway surrounded by nature (no complaining neighbours!). Here are the 10 most popular castles you can hire on Airbnb.

Borgia Castle in Tuscany, Italy

In the sunny hills of Tuscany, Italy, this gorgeous Borgia Castle lies. Including a swimming pool, 7 bedrooms to host 13 people in total and 8 hectares of park. In case you want to look further than the castle, closeby you can also find the Trasimeno lake and the border to Umbria. Enough to see and do!

Stay in Britain’s favourite Castle

If you say so! Apparently, this is a favourite and we can understand why. This is a typical British castle just like we’ve seen in so many series. Located in the beautiful countryside of the Midlands, we’re sure you will have a splendid time over here with 15 of your best friends.

Chateau Bordeaux & Vignoble

Disneyland? No Airbnb! This picturesque castle looks like it has come straight from the popular entertainment park. Close to the French city of Bordeaux and including a huge swimming pool and small beach, all we can say is oui oui!

Cozy Storybook Castle

Thought only Europe can do castles? This adorable storybook castle might not be as enormous as the previous options, including 3 bedrooms, but it compensates this with its antique interior. New England, here we come!

Dairsie Castle

The beautiful countryside of Scotland calls for a beautiful castle. Together with 14 friends, you can live it up in St Andrews, just one hour from Edinburgh. Plus, this place comes with a rich history as the secret Scottish parliaments hid here in 1583.

Live like a King in my Castle

Can you feel the Game of Throne vibes? This medieval castle from the late 1400s is perhaps a bit less posh than the previous options but it does give you a realistic feel of its time. That’s all it takes to make you feel like a King in Ireland.

Castel in the Loire Valley

We’re pretty sure that Marie Antoinette would feel right at home in this castle. What a beauty! Every room comes with a different coloured flower wallpaper as if your French grandma if welcoming you home. Together with 16 friends, you can hang at the pool and admire the beautiful countryside.

Old Tower, lake view, swimming pool

A castle just for two please! This adorable Italian historic tower offers just enough space for you and your better half to enjoy beautiful Tuscany. To cool down there’s also a swimming pool close by.

Scottish Castle Retreat Surrounded By History

Done with all the over the top castles with their velvet blankets, wallpaper covered walls and antique furniture? This pretty Scottish castle is perfect for a smaller group of friend (6 guests) and is a bit more laidback and modern. Here you can admire the rough Scottish countryside and sea at its best.

Zbojna Debra

We almost feel like Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ could pop out of this adorable castle any time. For the last Airbnb castle option, we’ve selected a more afforable version in case money is stopping you from getting the real royal experience. In Poland you can stay in this spacious castle together with 16 friends without having to break the bank.

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