The 5 perfect date locations in Amsterdam


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Taking your date to the cinema is a bit 2009, If you ask us. We were still in the middle of puberty and we liked to hold hands in the dark while watching a ‘scary’ movie. How much fun is it to not get to know someone during a date? Not so fun. Now that we’re a bit older – not wiser – we prefer to skip the date to the cinema. It’s much more fun to get to know each other by having a good conversation while enjoying a glass of wine and a good meal. To complete the date, you only need the perfect date location. So, of course we wanted to help you out, so you know where to take your next date (or just send this list to your date and they get to pick), surprise!

Lion Noir

We’re immediately starting with our favourite one on the list: Lion Noir. It has the perfect atmosphere. It’s a bit dark on the inside, how romantic. But the courtyard is even more beautiful. This is the perfect place for the sultry summer evenings. Every dish is crafted to spark the taste buds with flavours inspired by French high-dining. The best way to end this date is to finish it with one last cocktail (or more) because their cocktail menu is amazing. We love the Pornstar Martini or the Espresso Martini.
Reguliersdwarsstraat 28 | website


Pllek is the best all day date location. You can stay here all day. Now, we must be honest and admit that we’ve chosen this spot for the perfect afternoon date. But if you’d rather see your date in swimwear, go ahead and have a daytime date. In the evening you can cuddle up on the beach and watch the boats pass by.
T.T. Neveritaweg 59 | website

Pllek by night 📷: @michielcastelijns

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Five Brothers Fat

When these five friends went on a holiday to Barcelona, this amazing concept came up. They took the tapas and cava idea back to Amsterdam. The golden combination! According to many – and also from our own experience – the bubbles in the cava will get you drunk fast. Isn’t that just the way we like it?
De Clerqstraat 56 en De Hobbemakade 64 | website


Another tapas restaurant, because we just can’t get enough of these small Spanish bites. Hello Escobar! We’re pretty sure that nothing can go wrong with tapas on a date. It gives you the ultimate summer feeling, whenever, wherever. Happy times guaranteed.
Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10 | website


There’s another restaurant we can’t live without. Whether this is for your weekly girls night out, or a nice dinner with your parents, you can now also take your date to Panache. The meaning of the word “panache” is a flamboyant, original, confident but little reckless way of doing things. Perfect, we can promise you that.
Ten Katestraat 117 | website


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