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The 7 best late night snack hotspots in Amsterdam

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The best restaurant here and must-try food trends there, all fun and games but we would like to talk about a slightly different culinary phenomenon: the late night snack. Because whenever you manage to find your way home after a night out, you’re probably not in the mood for a gluten-free quinoa-salad and a cold-pressed juice. Instead, you need fat meals and fluorescent lights, preferably with an overload of sambal or another sauce by choice.


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After years of testing, we think we can state, based on semi-scientific proof, that a fat late night snack after a night of heavy alcohol drinking, decreases a hangover with 44%. Since you’ve also got places that only make a hangover worse by leaving you with a minor food poison, we’ve listed our favourite late night snack hotspots. Just don’t share this list with too many people because we don’t want to end up in a crowded snack bar at 4 am on a Friday evening (or morning).

PS. Our list is as subjective as possible and mostly the result of an overload of alcohol during the weekends. We completely get it if you know any better late night snack hotspots so please feel free to share them with us so we can create the ultimate snack list in history. See you there!


Snackbar De Prins | (opposite Paradiso)

Even though there’s a big chance that you’ll get served by a very bad tempered waiter here, this beauty of a snack bar has a special place in our hearts. During our student period (including extension) we’ve worked behind the bar at Paradiso, which turned this snack bar into our second home. For a snack bar it’s pretty spacious, which comes in handy when there’s a big concert planned at Paradiso. Besides their deep fried section, we’re particularly happy about their choice in sandwiches. Where else in town can you get a sandwich with baked egg, bacon and cheese at 3 am? Love it!

Tip: order a sandwich with warm meat and ask for at least three extra portions of sambal.

Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 53 | open till 4 am during the week and 5 am during the weekends.

(Photo via Tom Nus)

Grillroom Tonton | website

This beautiful grillroom on the Rozengracht is so small, you’ve probably walked past it a hundred timed. We must admit, we’ve only been inside once but we’ve ordered countless times before. Tonton is an absolute go-to when it comes to ordering shawarma. Here they grill with love and they don’t hold back when it comes to homemade garlic sauce and sambal. With more and more döner places opening in Amsterdam, we’re very happy with a shawarma place like this.

Tip: order lam shawarma and choose the option Turkish bread. It might cost you an extra Euro but suddenly you’ve got a very high-class sandwich.

Rozengracht 137 | open Monday untill Thursday and Sunday till 3 am and Friday and Saturday till 5:55 am.

(Photo via Tonton Amsterdam)

Cannibale Royale | website

Of course, this beauty of a place can’t be left out because we’re regular customers at almost every location (the one near Disco Dolly on the Handboogstreeg is our favourite). For us, Royale feels a bit like a trendsetter when it comes to late night food on a high-class level. Want to order a steak at 2 am, not a problem! The perfect place if you’re in-between bars and need a high-quality culinary hotspot.

Tip: the steak, the steak and again, the steak (the amount of grams is up to you).

Multiple locations with the one in the Handboogstraat as our favourite | Open on Sunday until Thursday till 2 am and during the weekends till 3 am.

(Photo via Cannibale Royale)

Mesut2 | website

A second late night snack hotspot on the Rozengracht?! Yesss but this place has a special place in our hearts when it comes to late night snacking (and we’re not even counting snackbar Ma Baker in). While we’ve never actually dined at Tonton, snacking at Mesut comes with the complete experience. At 2 am this place is packed with very happy people enjoying their food. It always gives us a holiday feeling with people from all over the world enjoying good food together.

Tip: okay, this might sound weird but order lentil soup. This bowl of soup cures everything, especially when combined with loads of sambal.

Rozengracht 164 | Open Sunday until Thursday 2 am and during the weekends till 3 am.

(Foto: Mesut)

Dum Dum Palace | website

The most high-class place in this list and that in the ‘rough’ part of town on the Zeedijk. We’ve had dinner here before (a bit earlier on in the evening) and that was an amazing experience. This amazing food is also available during midnight. Love it!

Tip: too much to choose from but no hangover can beat the sticky wings.

Zeedijk 37 | Open Sunday until Thursday till 1 am and during the weekend till 3 am.

(Foto: Dum dum Palace)

Late night online order

These late night snack spots are only known to us through very late order sessions and they have saved our lives multiple times (not being dramatic at all). A pizzeria where you can order till 4 am and the best chicken place in our opinion in town (open till 4:55 am).

Chicken Palace | website

Chicken, chicken and more chicken. Fried or baked, at Chicken Palace they know how to handle this delicious piece of meat. We don’t even know many other hotspots that deliver chicken at this time of the day.

Schakelstraat 24A | Open every day (!) until 4:55

Pizzeria Collina | website

The same goes for pizzeria Collina when it comes to quality. Based on our own painful experience, we’ve come to the conclusion that phoning 24/7 pizzeria places is never a good idea (for your stomach that is). Here the pizza stove is burning till 4 am. So long hangover!

De Clerqstraat 32 | (closed on Tuesday) Mon/Wed/Thur/Sun till 4 am and Fri/Sat till 5 am.

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