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The ABC for the perfect party only needs three letters


(Photo: Colourful Rebel)

It isn’t easy when you are part of the party committee of a company like Colourful Rebel. We’re totally not whining at the moment, because we have the best job, best team and even better parties. Being a part of the party committee means organizing cool events like bingo evenings with drag queens or organizing a sporty activity like a game of airsoft. But we couldn’t repeat these events of course. The name airsoft fools you. It isn’t soft at all! And bingo with drag queens is just too good, it’s impossible to repeat. So, what do we do? We’re showing you our Colourful Rebel’s party ABC. Because you only need 3 letters (and not a lot of money) to have a successful evening.

P is for Pizza

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, whether you’re the Prime Minister of the Netherlands (whatsuuuup Mark Rutte!) or if you’re someone without a job, living on your coach at the moment: the word pizza will make everyone smile. With pineapple (hell freaking no!), crazy toppings, a thin or a thick crust. Do you fold your pizza, or do you like your pizza with just tomato sauce? There is something for everyone. And this is the reason we kicked off our party with the biggest pizza party in the world. At least, in Amsterdam-Oost, because this is where our headquarter is. And big it was. Domino’s had to send two couriers, so the millions (ok, we love to exaggerate a bit) of pizzas could fill our tummies.

Domino's Domino's Domino's Domino's

Even though there are over a hundred (this time we didn’t exaggerate) pizzerias in Amsterdam (some of them very good, some of them extremely bad) we always order at Domino’s. One of the reasons is that we can always count on a super-fast delivery, but what we like even more is that they are so creative. And that is why we checked out their winter classics for our XXL pizza party. We frowned a bit when we saw the ‘boerenkool met worst’ (a Dutch meal) but decided to order it anyways. And it’s one of the best decisions ever made. It’s the combination of the sweet and sour tomato sauce together with the salty sausage and the slightly sharp mustard. Really a match made in heaven.

K is for Karaoke

What do you do if you have an office full of young people who really know how to party? Well, challenge accepted. You will think of something better than a night of partying. Pre-partying is the key to success. And the best way to do that is…. Wait for it: KA-RA-O-KEEE! Sorry for the capslock, but at least that sums up our two hours in the crazy booth of Duke of Tokyo. Just sing, dance, take a break with a few shots and then go crazy again until you have lost your voice. During these karaoke songs you always find out who the crazy one of the team (or ones, we can tell you we have quite a few in our team) is.

Duke of Tokyo

Duke of Tokyo

Duke of Tokyo

Duke of Tokyo

When you enter ‘The Duke’ it feels like you enter the oh so colourful (see what we did there) Tokyo. You dive into your own private booth (we had the largest room – with its own beer tap!). The two hours in the booth really flew by… If we had to choose a highlight of these two hours? That was when the three Colourful Rebels with roots in the South started singing Guus Meeuwis (Brabant). If you’re planning something where you need a kickstart of your evening, then you really have to go to Duke of Tokyo.

Karaokebar Duke of Tokyo | website
Reguliersdwarsstraat 37

PS Don’t mind the quality, it’s a representation of our night: blurry and lots of jumping.



B is for backup plan (for the night)

But what do you do when your two hours of laughter (and singing) is finished? You have a hell of a lot of energy and you know your evening is not done yet.That’s why you always have to have a Plan B. It sounds pretty simple, but always check where that nice pub is located nearby and where that fun party is in the night. There is nothing as annoying as a group of 25 elated people who have just given the performance of their lives for 2 hours and nobody knows what the next step is. We assume that after reading this piece you will also go to Duke of Tokyo and afterwards the best crazy afterparty is at the Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat 12. After all, there you will find one of the nicest (and oldest?) party cafés. of the city: Feestcafé Knalle Bij Rich!!!

Feestcafé Knalle Bij Rich

(Photo: Feestcafé Knalle Bij Rich)

And we have another video from our private collection (we’re so sorry dear colleagues <3)

No, we did not think of those exclamation marks ourselves, they really belong to the name of the café. And in this café everything is 10 times harder, but also 10 times better. And after a few flugel shots, what’s next? You actually have two options: Continue dancing until sunrise or have a late-night dinner and then dance? Our group split up in two. One half went to the Disco Dolly (and then the Social Club) and the other half had to recharge (read: eating steak) at Cannibale Royale, and then reconnected. And here it is: the ABC and a party is guaranteed!

Feest party

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