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Pssst: the best hidden terraces in Amsterdam that guarantee a spot in the sun


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All fun and games those ‘best terraces in Amsterdam’ lists but this way we can’t find a free spot on our favourite terraces anymore. That’s obviously our own fault because we also created one of those lists here on the blog. Therefore, it’s now time for a list of the best ‘hidden terraces’ that don’t tend to come to mind at first, when that beauty of a sun begins to shine. You could argue that we’re burning our own fingers this way by spoiling these hidden gems but enjoying the sun on an empty terrace is also no fun. Sharing is definitely caring when the sun shines so if you know of any more exciting places in town that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments!

De School and Café CS

Restaurant De School is already part of our top-10 must-eat restaurants in Amsterdam but with good weather, the complete setting is moved outside. Every Wednesday, we go to the gym here at Het Gymlokaal (in the same building) but the last time that happened, we immediately rewarded ourselves afterwards when we found out that De School’s café (DS) also has a gorgeous terrace. Loads of space, which guarantees a good spot. If not? Just move to De School’s restaurant. Always a win-win.

De School | Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1 | website

De School terrassen Amsterdam

De School terrassen Amsterdam

De School terrassen Amsterdam

De School terrassen Amsterdam

Grand-Café Het Paviljoen

This amazing café (sangria) with a huge terrace is a well-known place for its neighbourhood residents. What kind of neighbours, you might be wondering? Those with kids because this café is located on a big playground, which childless Amsterdammers tends to avoid. Too bad because this hotspot gets more sun hours than an average summer day in Barcelona. Don’t worry about those screaming kids because with a few glasses of sangria, you will have forgotten about that soon enough. A real hidden gem.

Grand-Café Het Paviljoen | Van Beuningenplein 21 | website

Grand-café paviljoen Amsterdam

Paviljoen grand cafe amsterdam

(Photo Grand-Café Het Paviljoen)


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Café-Restaurant Riva isn’t immediately visible from the streets but those who have sailed passed will know that this is a real hidden gem that you need to visit. The restaurant is known for its international kitchen, extensive wine menu, good service and the best terrace on the Amstel. You are at the right place here for lunch, drinks and dinner while watching the boats go past until the sun goes down…

Riva | Amstelboulevard 1 | website

Riva Amsterdam terrassen Amsterdam

(Photo Riva)

Proeflokaal ‘t Nieuwe Diep

This must be our personal favourite discovery of last summer. Even though it’s a long bike ride, even from our apartment in Amsterdam-West, and it almost feels as if you need to bring your passport (we don’t really leave our neighbourhood very often, as you might have noticed) but once you’ve found this idyllic place in the Flevopark, it’s all worth it. On a warm summer day it can be hard to find a spot here but otherwise, you can always hang out on the surrounding grass fields. The drinks menu is also unique and we even learned how to drink a good sider here. Take it from us: on a warm, brooding day, there’s nothing better than a cold bottle of cider while looking out on the pond in front of the Proeflokaal.

Proeflokaal ‘t Nieuwe Diep | Flevopark 13a | website

distilleerderij 't Nieuwe Diep terrassen Amsterdam

(Photo distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep)

Rijk van de Keizer

Another discovery of last summer and unfortunately another one that requires a long bike ride. It’s hard to put into words how unique the location of Rijk van de Keizer is because you almost forget where to look when entering this place. Everywhere, you can find hidden places, where you can take a break from the busy and chaotic city life. In a hammock near the river, somewhere under a tree, on the lounge pillows near the bar, it’s all possible. Just keep in mind that once in a while a gang of lovebirds will stop by because this is a popular location to get married and we can understand why.

Rijk van de Keizer | Joris van Den Berghweg 109 | website

Rijk van de keizer Amsterdam

(Photo Rijk van de keizer)

Goatfarm Ridammerhoeve (Amsterdamse Bos)

Ok, this tip comes with a minor side note, which we would immediately like to highlight: hysterical kids. But you will immediately forget about this because of the beautiful surroundings, the goats you can hug to forget about your hangover and the big selection of craft beers. Those craft beers go perfectly together with some lamb shwarma, which they also serve because this place shows where good meat comes from. It doesn’t matter where you live in Amsterdam, a long bike ride is almost always necessary so at least make it worth the while in one of the most beautiful parks in the Netherlands.

Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve | Nieuwe Meerlaan 4 | website

Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve Amsterdam

(Photo Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve)


From far south/west we hop across the IJ towards the always buzzing NDSM location. And buzzing it is but nevertheless, we’re surprised that we can always find a spot at Noorderlicht when the sun is shining. Most people tend to stop by the more familiar hotspot Pllek but about 100 meters on you have a much better view of the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam where the boats go past. Besides a good drink menu, Noorderlicht offers good food for a good price. Oh and a fun bonus: every year they organize together with Fest the most fun (house)festival in town.

Noorderlicht | NDSM-Plein 102 | website

Noorderlicht Café Amsterdam

(Photo Noorderlicht Café)

Climbing wall centres with amazing terraces

Okay, this might feel a bit as a long shot as we’re talking about a list of hidden terraces in town. And we admit, going to a climbing wall centre is probably the last thing you think about on a sunny day. Nevertheless, all these places in Amsterdam happen to have a beautiful big terrace in the sun. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that climbers just love a good pint? We have listed our three favourites, which of course are also perfect to reward yourself after a good climb.

Klimhal Amsterdam

Just in front of Sloterdijk station, you can find the CBR office, which offers the highest climbing wall in Europe. That’s pretty impressive but we find the renovated bar even more impressive. Craft beer lovers will feel right at home over here because you’ll find an endless selection on the menu.

Klimhal Amsterdam | Naritaweg 48 | website

Muurklimmen Amsterdam

Monk bouldergym

Take the short ferry ride from Central Station across the IJ and follow the canal for about 8 minutes to the right, where you will end up at Monks Bouldergym. A beautiful place along the IJ where you can go bouldering and where the big garage doors immediately open as soon as the sun begins to shine. Here you almost get the feeling as though you can literally climb outside, where you can find a nice terrace along the IJ. A must-visit when it’s hot as you can feel the breeze coming from the water.

Monk bouldergym | Aambeeldstraat 26 | website

Monk Bouldergym Amsterdam

(Photo Monk Bouldergym)

De Klimmuur

Due to the big maintenance works around Central Station, the Klimmuur is almost impossible to reach. Almost, because otherwise this terrace would be packed! Around the corner, you can find the trendy Hannekes Boom but if you’re not up for a G&T drinking crowd, you can find peace and sun at the Klimmuur. A hidden gem in the heart of the city!

De Klimmuur | Dijksgracht 2 | website

Klimmuur Centraal Amsterdam

(Photo Klimmuur Centraal Amsterdam)

Café de Ceuvel

Another hidden gem in north Amsterdam, where the ferry ride across the IJ already gives you holiday feelings. While the terraces at the Tolhuistuin and film museum Eye are beautiful, they are almost always packed when temperatures exceed the 12 degrees. Therefore, you might as well bike a bit further to this creative hub, where you can also dip your feet in the water.

Café de Ceuvel | Korte Papaverweg 4 | website

Café de Ceuvel Amsterdam

(Photo Café de Ceuvel)

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