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Citytrip for wine lover | The best wine hotspots in Berlin


We would like to introduce you to someone! She’s a familiar face in the Amsterdam wine scene and we’re lucky to have her to share a few of the best wine hotspots in booming Berlin. With her own pop-up wine shop in the city centre of Amsterdam and having worked at the most popular wine hotspots in Amsterdam, we think it’s safe to say that Dominique Corver knows what’s best when it comes to wine. Here you can see her talking with loads of passion about the beauty of wine:


Do is one of the only viticulturists in Amsterdam (and most definitely our favourite) and she’s currently on an adventure in Berlin to learn everything about German wine. Because the Burgundian history of Germany is very much visible when it comes to their amazing wine selection. As the city of Berlin is pretty big, Do has made it very easy for all wine lovers who happen to be visiting or living in Berlin to enjoy a good glass of wine. Just visit one of these hot spots! Make sure to check out Do’s website for more information on wine in Amsterdam, Berlin and who knows where else!

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“Planning on visiting Berlin and want to enjoy a good glass of wine? I’ve searched the city to find the best wine hotspots in every neighbourhood”


Cordobar | website
Grosse Hamburger Str. 32

A must-visit for wine lovers because this bar only serves the best of the best. Want to try that expensive wine on the menu? If you try your best you can enjoy a glass because either way, that bottle will be finished.


Mauerwinzer | website
Wolliner Strasse 20

Translated as the ‘wall winemaker’, this hotspot is located in the exact location where the Berlin Wall used to be. Serving wine from 13 different German provinces.


Weinplatz | website
Krausnickstrasse 10

The owner of this shop/wine bar originally comes from San Francisco and knows everything about wine from California. Amazing price/quality range too.



Hot Spot | website
Eisenzahnstrasse 66

This Chinese restaurant might come across as a bit of a random spot in this list but trust us, they’ve got an incredible Riesling menu. Oh and don’t forget the amazing food too! So step outside your comfort zone and try German’s best wine at a Chinese restaurant for a change.


Flemke’s Wein un Spezialiteiten Eck | website
Mommsenstrasse 9

For those who find hotspot Rogacki (also recommended) a bit too crowded, this wine shop including a bar in the back and sophisticated Berliner fast-food for low prices is an instant classic.



Wochenmärkte am Boxhagener Platz | website

On Saturdays you can find a mobile bar in this market, serving wine from Weingut Braun from the Pfalz and the traditional Pfalzer dish Sauermagen. Serving wine from just €2, this is the ideal place to start your weekend before going out.



Weinbar Otto Rink | website
Prinsregentenstrasse 33

Even at the traditional wine fair ‘Prowein’, the pinot noir from Bürklin-Wolf wasn’t available for tasting but here it is! With loads more exclusive wine on the menu of which more than half is German.


Bateau Ivre | website
Oranienstrasse 18

A wine bar that’s open all day with a small selection of good wine. Do we need to say more?



Les Caves Weine | website
Maybachufer 10

Very charming shop with well-priced wine, German and French cheese. Perfect to take with you to enjoy outside along the Ufer. Plus, on Tuesdays and Fridays, a great Turkish market is located outside.



SchmidtZ&Ko | website
Rheinstrasse 45

You won’t find a wine menu over here but instead, three walls filled with wine to choose from. Like most wine shops in Berlin, a wine bar is located inside. Amazing German selection of wine.



Wein & Vinos | website
Clayallee 326 (various locations around town)

Spanish wine with a very well chosen Sherry selection.



Die Fischerhutte | website
Fischerhüttenstrasse 136

Located just outside of town but along a beautiful lake and easy to access by train. Serving a rich selection of Spät and Frühburgunder. Definitely worth a visit to escape town for a bit because just look at this place? This is all you can dream of when enjoying a good glass of wine.


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