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The Internet isn’t buying the story of this extremely fit 70-year-old grandmother and her sugar-free diet

(All photos via Sweet Life)

At first sight, the story of the 70-year-old Carolyn Hartz sounds more like a fairytale one. So what is her secret to looking super fit and about 40 years younger? Carolyn claims it has to do with just two minor lifestyle changes. Don’t eat sugar and spend your free time in the gym. “You have to watch what you put in your mouth — that’s number one — and two, you have to move your legs”. Just like magic, you will then look like this as 70:

Yes, that certainly looks very different than the average 70-year-old. Carolyn claims she quit eating sugars 28 years ago when she was diagnosed with diabetis. However, there’s one minor detail she left out. She appears to be the owner of the company Sweet Life, which happens to sell a natural sugar replacement product.

What a coincidence. To say the least, the Internet isn’t convinced of Carolyn’s ‘special diet’, which looks more like an advertisement. Additionally, the Internet spots a bit of plastic surgery too. Once again, the Internet is here to face us with the real facts.

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