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The summertrip of your life: 10 weeks of Europe, 19 countries, 15.000 km of asphalt


We are a big fan of a road trip, and we heard people whispering down the hallways that the gentlemen of Ambassador we’re going to do a wicked roadtrip. But nobody told us that it would become such a crazy one. These guys crossed Europe for 10 weeks with a van, and saw more than 19 countries (!). We have no idea how they did it, but they recorded everything and made a three and half minute video. We can ensure you it will give you some crazy wanderlust to travel. Of course, after a weeks of non-stop traveling you’re not only having an aftermovie of a few minutes, but also some beautiful stories. You can read it all in the book of! (Pictures: Bas Van Oort)


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