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The top 10 restaurants that every human being from Amsterdam should know

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Let’s Google: Amsterdam + Restaurant, you’ll find a lot of results like ‘the newest hotspot in the city’ and ‘must eats’. We also love to tell you where to find all the places to be. (right over here). But what are the real classics in Amsterdam? The restaurants that most people who live here just take for granted, but should be noticed in every single article? Right, we have put them in an overview especially for you. The overview of 10 restaurants, that could have been 30 more (believe us), cause the culinary offer in Amsterdam is endless.


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Loetje | several locations | website

Let’s kick off with Loetje, it is and always will be a place you go once (or twice) a month. When you really want a good steak, this is the place for you (oh yes, you should order the Bali variant!). Just as simple as that, nothing to fancy, just a really good damn steak. Served with some bread, delicious to dip in the juice of the steak. Mouth-watering right? Loetje grew into a big success, that’s why there are more than one in town, so wherever you are, never too far away from a yummy steak.



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Proeflokaal A.V. Wees | Herengracht 319 | website

This place is so oldskool, they don’t serve jenever, but genever. You should google that! Of course you will receive some comments saying it’s written in the wrong way. But this drink that Wees is pouring comes straight from the Jordaan, where it is distilled. In this beautiful little cafe, it feels like going back in time. Nowadays we are used to the hipster-bars, but a place like this will always be timeless. The beer from the tap is great and the cheese fondue is great for a cold winter evening.


Cafe Bern | Nieuwmarkt 9 | website

So let’s move on to the real work, because the cheese fondue over here is A-MA-ZING! In Amsterdam, when someone says ‘cheese fondue’ everyone thinks immediately about Cafe Bern. The restaurant has a little makeover once in a while, but most things are still the same as when they started. This is really the place-to-be for delicious cheese fondue (and nowhere else, except for Proeflokaal A.V. Wees, but shhhht). It’s also a good idea to make a reservation, because this place is crowded (which definitely is a very good sign).


Piet de Leeuw | Noorderstraat 11 | website

A survivor after the big meat scandal, that’s a big up! When a few years ago the press released that there was horse steak sold as a more expensive variant of a normal steak, the world turned upside down. Piet de Leeuw, let nobody tell him what to do, because he loved a good horse steak, and he was definitely not going to take it off the menu. The best part is yet to come, this one is waaaaay juicier than the normal one (and cheaper). We literally went there 10 times, and let us tell you: you should go there!


Cafe Schiller | Rembrandtplein 24 | website

To be honest with you guys, we only know this place from the really drunk late moments in our ‘booze-career’. Because one way or another someone always comes up with ‘One more beer at Schiller’ and so everyone always follows. (not going to mention the hangover we have the next day). But we also know from a lot of friends that you can also eat an amazing meal in a great atmosphere over there. For a minute, it’s like you go back in time and end up in a Great Gatsby movie. We love it!



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De Blaffende Vis | Westerstraat 118 | Facebook

De Blaffende Vis was our all time favorite restaurant during college time. First place we went when we gained a little money. The restaurant didn’t changed a bit and it’s still the loveliest stand-up restaurant in the middle of the Jordaan. Where are the soccer lovers over here? Because they for sure will show your favorite game.  



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Café Scheltema | Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 242 | No website, just go!

Opened in 1908 (wow) in one of the best known places in Amsterdam. But, don’t expect tourists or hipsters. No, no, no… Here you score the best food (and real dutch ‘bitterballen’) made with lots of love. Maybe we like the steak even more than the one at Loetje, but please, don’t tell anyone, it’s our little secret (and also the restaurant is not that big, and we still want a seat).


Amsterdam rustig


Cafe restaurant Amsterdam | Watertorenplein 6 | website

We came here so often, that it just feels like a second home. The menu didn’t change a bit in years (the tuna steak is sustainable in the meantime) and it doesn’t matter at all. Located at the beautiful Watertorenplein with the iconic water tower you can also find some old warehouses, where you can discover this nice restaurant. A place where family and friends come together, but also perfect for a romantic dinner with your lover. So much on the menu, it’s hard to choose, so bummer you always need to go back to try something else!



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Buffet van Odette | Prinsengracht 598 | website

Cosy, cosier, Buffet Van Odette. This amazing restaurant on the Prinsengracht is a keeper for every ‘Amsterdammer’. If you have a celebration this is the place to be, we can proudly tell you that this is the prettiest place in the list (interior wise). The high-quality food is great, but that’s the case at every restaurant in this list (every restaurant in their own special way).


Volgens Amsterdammers zelf: Kaagman & Kortekaas | Sint Nicolaasstraat 43 | website

Although we think we are totally right with the upper list and you spend the greatest evening of your life at every single restaurant, it’s not that objective… A newspaper in the Netherlands (mostly Amsterdam) asked their readers what they thought was the best restaurant of the city. Kaagman & Kortekaas won. We already wrote an article about them on our dutch online magazine, so we totally get why they won, and yes we can agree as well, Well done! 

PS: We have some more real ‘Amsterdam Classics’ in our online magazine:



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