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The Book and Bed Hotel in Tokyo is perfect for everyone who likes to read at night


Are you one of those people who falls a sleep in the library and then awkwardly gets kicked out by the security? We get the feeling, sometimes you just want to snuggle with some books while reading and eventually falling asleep. For those people, it’s better to go to Japan, because they have an insane hotel: the Book and Bed Hotel. It’sts a mix between a classic cosy bookstore and a hotel, and they currently have two locations in Tokyo and Kyoto. The hotel started out with 3000 books (in English and Japanese), that should be enough to fall asleep to. We’re pretty excited about the whole concept and hope it soon comes to other places in the world too.

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library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-1 library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-2
Some sleeping bunks are pretty primitive but who cares if you have plenty of books library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-5 library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-6

Plenty of cosy beds to sleep in:
library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-4 library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-7 library-hotel-book-bed-tokyo-8


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