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There are new magical Harry Potter books on its way

It’s summer time! You’d think that this just means tons of fun in the sun and lazy evenings but all this relaxing means nothing without a good book. It’s probably the only time we can completely dive into a new world by reading from a pages. The star who’s responsible for creating the most magical world made possible through books must be J. K. Rowling. Good thing she isn’t done with sharing that world with us just yet because after 20 years of Harry Potter (are you feeling old yet?) there’s an exclusive exhibition coming to London. Harry Potter: A History of Magic will feature unpublished material from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter writings. the exhibition will open on October 20 in the British Library and will run until February 2018.

What better way to celebrate this magical news than with a few new books?! This autumn two new Potter-related books will be released. They won’t feature the most popular wizard in history himself (nor his friends) but will dive into their world a bit deeper. Harry Potter: A History of Magic – The Books of the Exhibition and Harry Potter – A Journey Through A History of Magic, we’re so ready for you.

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