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There’s a new limited edition Starbucks coffee and we’re not that enthusiastic


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As we all may know, when it comes to Starbucks they are one of the best coffee breweries ever. You may agree or disagree, but has anyone else ever made Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate? Nope. Or what about Galaxy Frappuccinos? And again: n-o-p-e.

That they have quite a bit of coffee, that we know. But sometimes we still have our doubts about their new ideas. Just now we have discovered a new coffee and we have to be honest, we’re not quite sure what we have to think. We welcome you: The Snowy Cheese Latte. This latte contains classic espresso blended with ‘baked cheese flavor sauce’ and is topped with whipped cream, blueberry-flavored sprinkles and small stars. Only in China, where this crazy Starbucks variant is sold, they can think of such things.

Snowy Cheese Latte

Photo: Starbucks

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