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13 festival make-up hacks for an easy and sparkling festival look

Summer, where are you? We just can’t wait to hang out on the beach and attend the most insane festivals. Before stocking up on those cool festival outfits, don’t forget the power of an outstanding make-up or hair look. These 13 glitter looks will make your festival look pop.

1. Turn your face spray into a glitter spray. Add powder highlighter or shimmer to your finishing spray.

2. Stick glitters to your collarbone and décolletage with Vaseline.

3. Want to stick glitters to places that touch a lot of surface (like your butt)? Use hair gel.

4. Prefer a bit less stickiness? Use hand sanitizer and apply glitters when it’s still wet. The glitters will stick to your skin when it dries.

5. Add some glitter to your eyebrows by mixing hairspray with glitters. Apply with a eyebrow brush to comb the glitter through your brows. Not your thing? Make your brows stand out with featherbrows.

6. Make your body shimmer by mixing body oil with pigments. Use a travel bottle and fill it with body oil and pigments, shake it and apply.

7. Stick sequins and jewels to your face with eyelash glue.

8. Do the same to your ears with eyelash glue. Just like those stick on crystal-like earrings from your childhood.

9. Cut-out shapes from cheap makeup sponges and create glitter stamps.

10. Use cosmetic glitters instead of highlighter. Take your highlighter to the next level for a day at a festival by priming your skin and adding glitters to your cheekbones. You won’t be needing these Lush bat bombs any longer.

11. The best festival hair trend out there: glitter roots. Especially if you’re at a weekend festival and washing your hair isn’t an option. Just cover your roots with some glitter. We’re sure unicorns do it this way too.

12. Create glitter lips by applying a cream lipstick first (preferably in a fun colou) and use your finger to press the glitters into place.

Unfortunately, the party has to come to an end. Even though we know it’s hard to say goodbye to your beauty creation, we’re sure you rocked it. So best to remove those glitters the easy way, with tape. Ready for the next party!

Photos: Cosmopolitan

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