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These fascinating facts about freckles prove they’re a gift from nature


(Photos via Marie Claire)

We already know that girls with freckles are the prettiest girls out there (if you need proof look here) but we’re sure you didn’t know about these weird but informative freckle facts. We’re sure that especially the last one will amaze you.
1. There are two kinds of freckles. One of them changes colour based on their exposure to sunlight. They get darker during summer and lighter during winter times. The other kind doesn’t change colour at all.
2. They are genetic. Based on a genetic player, which also regulates your skin and hair colour. Freckles go together with light hair and skin.
3. Nobody is born with them. Even though freckles are genetic, they are only activated by sun exposure since it encourages the creation of more pigment, which results in freckles.
4. They indicate how sensitive your skin is. A lot of freckles means your skin is more sensitive and you’ve got a greater risk of skin cancer. But freckles themselves are never cancerous.
5. They double as natural sunscreen. Freckles darkening your face, which makes the skin more resistant against UV rays. Nevertheless it’s never 100% UV proof so applying additional sunscreen on a daily basis is necessary.
6. Not all redheads have them. About 80% of all redheads have the ‘freckle gene’.
7. During the Medieval times they were considered witches’ marks. Apparently, it was thought that freckles indicated women’s connection to the devil. Well we’re sure they’re more likely to indicate a connection to angels.

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