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These genius wine glasses are here to make your beach days unforgettable

How to make a day at the beach an unforgettable one? Probably with a glass of summer water in your hand. How to ruin a great day at the beach? Probably by having that glass of alcohol spill all over your towel because you can’t place it anywhere. The Beach Glass is here to make those beach days full-on fun. The design is actually so genius we’re surprised we’re only finding out about this just now. But it’s never too late to have fun right.

The Beach Glass is designed to stand up when you place it in sand and float when you’re in water. That’s a summer must-have right there. You can choose from 11 different colours and two different shapes. When the party continues elsewhere, you can take you Beach Glass with you and place it in a custom made stand. Genius. Just genius.

PS. You can even use them during winter and autumn as the glasses stand up in snow and grass too. Win-win.

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