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These Netflix shows are finger licking good


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We have made quite a few lists about Netflix and our favourite romcoms, true crime or whatever kind of series and movies. But there is also a completely different side of Netflix we kind of forgot about. A whole new world. Cooking shows. Forget about 24Kitchen. Netflix is all you need. We have seen all the seasons of Masterchef on TV, so now it’s time for something else.

Sugar Rush

A delicious baking competition. A lot of sugar, but little time. That is what Sugar Rush is all about. Time is the most important ingredient in the battle between teams trying to make the tastiest sweets.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Each week, two teams of three family members compete in three challenges, judged by Michelin star chef Giorgio Locatelli and cooking instructor Rosemary Shrager.

Million Pound Menu

This is not a typical cooking competition. In this series, each week, two new restaurant ideas get the chance to open their own pop-up restaurant and impress the guests who come to dinner, as well as a jury of critical British investors.

Nailed It

We love to watch all those cooking shows and see how the most beautiful dishes are made. But if we try this at home ourselves, it does not look anything like we’ve seen it on the shows. That is why it is so wonderful to see Nailed It. The series is a reality bake-off competition in which three amateur bakers compete to make complicated cakes and sweets.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Another baking competition we absolutely love, where people compete for $100,000. It’s finger licking good.

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