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Office workers in Japan can play with cats all day to de-stress

There are many different ways to de-stress at a nine-to-five job. You could go for yoga, perhaps even beer yoga to make you extra ‘zen’, or become a professional cat cuddler. In Japan, however, they’ve got the perfect in-between solution. Just bring your hairy four-legged best friend with you to the office. Every time a work meltdown is about to happen you can call out your favourite purring friend who will be there every second of the day for emotional help. In this case, help means getting cuddled by cats – we’re pretty sure they won’t mind listening to your problems either, but advice will probably be given in the form of a purr.

Want to experience cat heaven on a working day? Head to the office of IT firm Ferray in Tokyo. Ferray can be named the true founder of the ‘cat office’ since it introduced the ‘cat accompanying commuting system’ in 2000 (how come we only find out about this now). Best thing? You can thank the cats for saving your work day by adopting one of the rescued fellow cat co-workers.


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