These trailers for 2019 will promise us a good movie year


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The new year hasn’t started yet, but all these 2019 trailers pop up like fireworks do on New Years Eve. You couldn’t make us any happier. Because believe us, after seeing these trailers you can’t wait for that new year to come!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

If you thought that Millie Bobby Brown would only be Eleven in Stranger Things in 2019, then you are wrong. She also has a role in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In this second part of Godzilla the new monsters (and enemies of Godzilla) Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah come face to face with humans.

Triple Frontier

Five friends meet again after a long time. With a mission. They plan to eliminate a South American drug lord. Enough action is waiting for you. But disabling a drug lord is not easy. How loyal will they be to each other and what problems will this entail?

Avengers: End Game

In 2019 there will be even more Marvel, oh yes! We can not only enjoy Captain Marvel, but also the fourth part of Avengers. After the third part, the great enemy Thanos has managed to get all Infinity Stones and has erased half of all life. The survivors do not have time to mourn. They receive help from Ant-Man and Captain Marvel in the hope of being able to defeat Thanos.

An Acceptable Loss

In An Acceptable Loss we follow Libby Lamm. She is a former national safety advisor. Together with Rachel Burke, a politician, she ends a military action that should have ended the terrorist acts. However, thousands of people died. With this on her conscience Libby would like to tell the truth, but she risks her own life while doing so.

The Upside

Who has ever seen Intouchable? We personally find this one of the best films ever made. And in 2019 the American version will be here. The Upside is about Dell. He is a convicted criminal who’s leaving prison. Now he only has to look for a job and he ends up with the paralyzed billionaire Philip.


If you have seen the films Unbreakable and Split, you will probably also be in the cinema for the movie Glass in 2019. This film brings the two stories of Elijah Price, who, thanks to his fragile bones, is called Mr. Glass, and David Dunn together. Elijah is a big fan of comic books and believes that superheroes and villains really exist. He has chosen to choose the super strong David Dunn as a nemesis.


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