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This 41-year-old woman stuns the Internet with her youthful looks

(Photo via @lurehsu)

If you need another reason to avoid the sun, then this girl is it. Every time we see Asian girls walking around town with little umbrellas we can only think about the joy they’re missing out on (or the tan). Well, all that sunshine means absolutely nothing once you see this girl. Or actually, we should say, woman since Luru Hsu isn’t a teenager, she’s a 41-years-old interior designer from Taiwan. This girl must be related to Jennifer Lopez or some other vampire because she doesn’t seem to age.

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Een bericht gedeeld door ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) op

Now that our surprise has settled a little bit, we want to know of course how she does it. Lure shared her beauty secrets with Friday Magazine, where she explained that besides being lucky with youthful genes, she also lives a very healthy lifestyle, where sunscreen, black coffee, moisturising, no over-exposing to the sun and diet play a big role. “Sunned skin is drier and makes small spots and small fine lines easier to appear” she explains. Additionally, her diet consists of black coffee, a lot of water, fruit, vegetables, high fibre and high protein foods, and no sugary drinks or greasy food. And exercise, of course.

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Een bericht gedeeld door ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) op

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Een bericht gedeeld door ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) op

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Een bericht gedeeld door ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) op

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Een bericht gedeeld door ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) op

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Een bericht gedeeld door ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) op

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