The Clown Motel must be the creepiest place to stay in the world

If there’s one person who would possibly approve of a Clown Motel it must be Stephen King. On the other hand, Stephen King’s probably also the person responsible for our clown phobia, which is officially named ‘coulrophobia’, as he is the mastermind behind horror novel and blockbuster ‘It’. To make things even worse, this specific Clown Motel is located in the Nevada desert right beside a cemetery in a town that’s infested with black cats. Sounds more like a horror film than real life, right? If only that was the case. 

Unfortunately, this place is very real and apparently even serves guests. If they come out alive is another question, which we’re unfortunately unable to answer. What we do know is that the place is packed with about any clown-inspired item you can imagine, which you can then take with you as a souvenir. We’re not so sure we’d like to be reminded of this place but if you’re into it, you might like this clown home’ for sale.

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