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Tom Hardy rescued abandoned puppies and is the only hero we need in life

(Photo via Shutterstock/Tinseltown)

Tom Hardy understands the finer things in life. The 40-year-old actor might be known for his macho roles in The Dark Knight RisesPeaky Blinders and Mad Max, he has a soft spot for puppies. Let us repeat that again, Tom Hardy is a huge dog lover. We can’t. As a result, Tom is often photographed holding dogs and this has resulted in the heart-warming Instagram account ‘Tom Hardy Holding Dogs‘.

When Tom Hardy gives you kisses with a bone in his hand.

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @ tomhardyholdingdogs op

Yes, please.

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @ tomhardyholdingdogs op

Tom’s love for dogs even exceeds that of humans, he announced: “I don’t have any friends,” he said. “I don’t keep them or entertain them for any of that kind of problem. So I like to keep [to] myself. I have a dog and a son. A dog couldn’t do anything to upset me, you know, and neither could my son.

When Tom found a box of eight-week-old abandoned puppies in a park in central London, he didn’t think twice decided to rescue them and hand them over to the Battersea Dogs Home. The four tiny pups have now all found a new home proving that Tom Hardy is the only hero we need in the world right now. Just look at those happy faces:

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