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Tommy Hilfiger sells his incredibly insane New York penthouse for $50 million

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You can measure the success of a brand by counting all the people walking around wearing the brand or you can just take a look at the founder’s property. In this case that pretty much shows it all because Tommy Hilfiger himself is giving us a peek inside his insane New York penthouse, which is located on top of the iconic Plaza Hotel next to Central Park. It certainly tops New York’s most expensive home.

The interior of every room in the penthouse is a homage to the iconic Plaza Hotel, where many famous stars have slept. From the napkins to the plates, everything is created in Plaza-style. Nevertheless, Tommy seems to have seen enough of the place and has decided to sell it for $50.000.000, which is, of course, a crazy amount of money but once you’ve seen the video below you’ll understand why.

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