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Top-7 American crime series on Netflix

I Am A Killer

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Dear Netflix, we just can’t get enough of you. Whenever we’re bored at home, or waiting on our busses, or that 4-hour flight to Spain, you’re there for us. Everywhere we go, you’ll follow us. Thank you, Netflix. And to help you from boredom, this week’s list is one that’ll get you hooked on some (or all) series. You will never suffer from boredom again!


As you may have known already, we have a weak spot for Netflix and its intriguing true crime documentaries. And Netflix strikes again! I AM A KILLER is about  prisoners sentenced for life, telling their perspective about the murders they committed. Ten different stories to bingewatch at home.

The Sinner

Girlcrush alert: Jessica Biel. The wife of Justin Timberlake (jealous much), shines in the series The Sinner. The series unfortunately only has 8 episodes. We’ve seen it all in just one day. We. Could. Not. Stop. But thank god, or thank Netflix, season 2 is coming soon!

The Blacklist

Bingewatching to the max. So sorry, but we just gave you a new addiction. One that has four, we repeat FOUR, seasons. Every season has 22 episodes and season 3 even has one episode extra. Each episode is about 45 minutes, which means you can watch it for 4005 minutes. Just so you know: one day has 1140 minutes. This means that you’ll be done with this series in three full days. Side note: without sleep.


The previous series had four seasons, but come on, if you’re a diehard, you’re a diehard. Next up: five seasons. Elementary brings back the classic story of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes has moved to New York, where he has a new buddy, the female Dr. Watson. Holmes helps the police with murder cases and by just looking at people, he knows their whole life story.

White Collar

And last but certainly not least: six seasons. Get yourself some popcorn and we’ll see you in a few weeks after you’ve seen all these series. White Collar is about the life of a scammer, forger and thief named Neal Caffrey. After a while he is arrested, but he manages to escape from prison to look for his wife. Burke’s, the FBI who captured him, goal is to get Caffrey back in jail. And he succeeds. But now Caffrey says he has some information about the other cases Burke is investigating. Burke and Caffrey team up and solve the mysteries of white collar criminals.

S0mewhere Between

In this mini-series the daughter of Laura is murdered. She gets the chance to relive this deadly week in order to save her daughter. If this fails, she will lose her daughter forever.



In London a young student called Grace Atwood gets into trouble when her best friend, Molly Ryan, is murdered and she is considered the main suspect. But is she really guilty?

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