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The best Italian restaurant in Amsterdam: Toscanini

Ask our best friends what they think is the best Italian restaurant in Amsterdam and everyone will scream in choir: ‘Toscaniniiiiiiiii’. No, that’s actually not how you write the name of this hidden gem but because it sounds more like this due to our extreme enthusiasm for Toscanini on the beautiful Lindengracht. So extreme that we go out to eat here at least six times a year. Partly because we know the food is always good but also just to check out the constantly changing fish and meat dishes of the day. Everything that’s served here is exclusively authentic Italian and is made with nothing but love.

Toscanini Amsterdam

(Photo via Toscanini)

Toscanini, not your regular neighbourhood Italian

Even though we love pizzeria and trattoria YamYam in our neighbourhood, at Toscanini things are a bit different. At YamYam you can always casually walk in on a Monday evening (make sure to make a reservation because it’s always packed) for a simple but amazing pizza or pasta dish. At Toscanini, however, you book a table because it’s special. Yes, this also means that it’s a bit more expensive but the quality of the food, ambience and the service makes it all worth it. Well, we’ve mentioned restaurants before that are suitable for celebrating something but Toscanini definitely tops this list. The celebrations already begin when you walk in and your jacket is kindly taken. Where do you even see this anymore?!

Toscanini Amsterdam


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The perfect hostess

But it’s most of all Toscanini’s hostess – Inez – who turns the evening into an unforgettable experience. We say it more often here on the blog but a good host or hostess can really make or break your evening. It brings a decent meal to new heights but in this case, Inez has nothing to worry about because everything that’s prepared here is just plain good. But we – as wine amateurs – would say: put your fate in Inez’ hands and let her advice you about wine.

You can put all your effort in analyzing the wine menu but some people have studied to do this. Besides, it’s a nice gamechanger to try something different and to taste as much as possible because it fits a specific meal better. When you’ve really found your spirit animal in a glass of wine, you might as well drink it for the rest of the evening. Inez won’t judge, we promise!

Toscanini Amsterdam

Toscanini Amsterdam

How about the food?!

You would think that based on our story we’ve only been drinking wine at Toscanini. Even though this is certainly possible thanks to the big variety of wine on the menu, we enjoyed a delicious menu too. You can go for a 6-course menu (52 euros) selected by the chef, which turns everything you’re getting served into one big surprise. We would definitely recommend this if you’re a first time visitor because this way you immediately know what the talented chefs are capable of. This time, we stuck to a starters dish of the fish of the day (raw fish, prepared as Italian ceviche) and ended with the most creamy polenta we’ve had in years. Talking about an ending, we mean that there was, of course, also time for dessert – homemade pannacotta – it simply doesn’t get any better!

Toscanini | website
Lindengracht 75
T | +31(0)20 623 2813

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